“Win Win” Situations (The Baby Book)

Baby Knox can now walk, and this puts him in loads of trouble. One of his favorite things to do is push buttons that light up or make noise. And wouldn’t you know it? The DVD-R box is right at his height. So much to Alecia’s dismay, Knox will turn off the DVD-R and it will stop recording her favorites shows that are set aside for her “mommy time”. How do you win in this situation? Today Alecia explains what she has experienced, so Knox doesn’t have to feel punished for wanting to push the button, and Alecia doesn’t lose any of her shows! (Like Gossip Girl)

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The Baby Book is a twice weekly advice vlog hosted by Alecia Whitaker. Alecia, author of “”Queen of Kentucky””, will share her story on everything from thinking about having a child to the terrible two (or threes!). If you have child raising topic you’d like Alecia to talk about please let it in the comments below!

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