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Being a new mom is not easy. No “new mom hacks”, or mom tips or tricks, or parenting books or advice or prenatal preparation, or even naps or cups of coffee can eliminate the struggle that comes with entering motherhood. Okay, maybe a cup of coffee won’t hurt…😊 But it is a deep and inward process of letting go of oneself through a love far beyond your previous self could fathom. It is incredibly uncomfortable. and hard. and painful. and beautiful. and worth it. Here is my message to all mom’s out there, new and not as new, pregnant & “pros”. I love you.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the challenges of motherhood below in the comments! I also didn’t mention that I love being a mom and how it is the most treasured thing I’ve ever done, because it absolutely is. 😊

My mission in these videos is to always challenge myself, being vulnerable, and sharing the things that are truly of value to me and that I think could help other people out there. While some topics may not draw in the most views, my heart is definitely in the content I make. Feel free to subscribe if you are interested in seeing more encouraging videos, regarding motherhood, God, health and other random topics that I enjoy! I love you guys and I love sharing my heart with you! You are each a treasure to me. 😊

Stay tuned because I am going to be uploading a postpartum weight loss tips videos soon and more videos for other new moms!

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Love you all mucho! xo


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