Kids Cook Locally V1 – Lily Visits ManoRun Organic Farm and Cooks Healthy Maple Balsamic Elixir

How to Make a Healthy Maple Balsamic Elixir

Nourishing yourself is always fun if you use all your senses!

Explore cooking with curiosity – Try something new and fresh!

Grow in culinary life skills – Learning to cook earns tasty rewards!

Heal mind and body – Quality food gives you energy to have more fun every day!

Connect with your local food community and family – Make food adventures in your kitchen with your family!

Explore-grow-heal-connect for your BEST food experiences.

Featured local farm:
ManoRun Organic Farm
Thanks to Chris Krucker for this amazing farm tour!

Nancy Henley is a professionally designated Red Seal chef and published food writer. She teaches cooking class dinner parties at Tree House Kitchen, in Dundas, Ontario. This Kids Cook Locally video series shares her passion for connecting kids to local food growers and ultimately changing thinking patterns in order to reduce lifelong obesity issues that often start in childhood. If you’d like to be a part of Nancy’s mission, there are many ways to do so:
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