Cooking With Kids Healthy Snacks | Whole Wheat Cookies

How about playing cooking games with kids and making some healthy snacks with them?

Cooking games could be fun and learning for the kids at the same time. More importantly, if you involve your child with you in such activities, you also get more time to spend with them and this builds up your relationship with your child. We at Toy Tasting decided of some activities that would help child bond with their parents and also help them consume healthy snacks in the end of the activity.

So we decided to reach out to a mom, Lakshmipriya Menon who is also a baking enthusiast. She has an amazing way of bonding with her children. She beautifully blends her baking passion with conducting baking bonding activities with her children.

She decided to make whole wheat cookies with her son. This is also recipes for kids and the kids cooking also happen. These are healthy cookies and kids can easily make, with little assistance that you as parents provide them.

Young children need to have a secure relationship with at least one parent or caregiver in order to develop socially, emotionally, and cognitively. There are different ways through which parents can bond with their children like by involving themselves when their kids are playing or by doing an activity together. This activity could be art and crafts, storytelling or even baking.

The best part about baking with kids is that they learn how to cook in the process and also get to eat healthy food. Cooking with children could be a fun activity too. We had immense fun shooting this mother-son duo, where they baked these whole wheat cookies together and also had sweet chuckles to share. Do try out these cookies and let us know your feedback. In case you do other activities with your kids, that help you in bonding with them do share with us.


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